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Shale Reservoir Management

Shale Asset Models

Shale assets include tens or hundreds of wells. Most modeling efforts are concentrated on single wells, as if there are no interference between wells of the same pad or wells of offset pads. Necessity of developing full asset models for Shale reservoirs starts to impose itself on the operators once they start observing the inevitable interference between production from offset wells and pads.

ISI identifies horizontal wells drilled from a single pad as three distinct types.:

  • Type One Well: Type 1 wells do not have any offset wells within their own pad. Type 1 wells do not share drainage area with another well.
  • Type Two Well: Type 2 wells have only one offset well within their own pad. Type 2 wells share drainage area with one well (only on one side).
  • Type Three Well: Type 3 wells have two offset well within their own pad. Type 3 wells share drainage area on both sides.

Our modeling and many operators production experience have clearly shown that there is interference between wells in a Shale asset. Failing to account for such interference, significantly impacts the predictive capabilities of Shale asset models.

ISI's unique, proprietary and innovative Shale Reservoir Management technology uses only "Hard Data" and is based completely on Data-Driven Analytics and Data Mining using state of the art Machine Learning. Using ISI's Shale Reservoir Management technology one can develope a Data-Driven Reservoir Simulation Model with the following characteristics:

  • A comprehensive, Full Field Reservoir Model
  • Production from every individual well is History Matched
  • Production from the entire asset is History Matched
  • A Geological Model developed for the Shale asset
  • The Shale Reservoir Model is developed based on "Hard Data"
  • The Shale Reservoir Model has minimal computation overhead. Ideal for comprehensive analysis.

Full Field Reservoir Model

ISI's Shale Reservoir Management technology is currently the only technology that allows development of full field models for Shale assets. Analytical and Numerical modeling technologies can only perform well modeling. While analytical models are not fit for asset modeling, developing full field numerical models are computationally impractical.

ISI's innovative data-driven technology provides means for building comprehensive full field (asset) models for Shale reservoirs. ISI's technology helps user in history matching every single well in the asset. As the number of wells in an asset increases, so does the chances of successful modeling of the asset. This is due to the fact that larger number of wells provide larger data set, for our data-driven technology.

Once every individual well is history matched, production from the entire asset is also history matched.

ISI's Shale Reservoir Management Technology has a small computational footprint, such that it can be deployed (upon completion) on a smart phone or a tablet computer for fast track and on-the-fly analysis.