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Solving complex E&P related problems, using alternative and integrated techniques is our specialty. Intelligent Solutions, Inc. provides project-based, turn-key consulting services. Intelligent Solutions, Inc. has successfully completed numerous projects for IOCs, NOCs and independents. List of references are available upon request.

Our latest and most successful and innovative consulting services in reservoir simulation, modeling and reservoir management are (Click on each item to see details.):

ISI's consulting services include but are not limited to:

Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir Characterization (conventional and unconventional reservoirs including CBM, Shale and CO2 sequestration)
    • Synthetic Logs (including MRI Logs)
    • Core-Log Modeling
    • Seismic - Log - Core Modeling
    • Populating Geo-Cellular models
    • Rock Typing using static and dynamic data

  • Reservoir Modeling (conventional and unconventional reservoirs including CBM, Shale and CO2 sequestration)
    • Conventional reservoir simulation and modeling
    • Top-Down Intelligent Reservoir Modeling
    • Comprehensive analysis of reservoir models' solution space
    • Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Assessment

Production Engineering

  • Optimization of design and candidate selection for well stimulation
    • Hydraulic fracturing and re-fracturing
    • Acid jobs and acid-fracs
    • Workovers

  • Fluid flow through pipes and wellbores
  • Modeling and optimization of surface facilities

Drilling Engineering

  • Optimization of Rate of Penetration (ROP)
  • Optimization of drilling fluids