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is the software application developed by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. for "Intelligent Production Optimization - IPO". IMprove™ provides a comprehensive workflow for the development of Intelligent Well Models.

"Intelligent Production Optimization - IPO" is part of a new class E&P productivity software applications that are pioneered by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. This novel class of E&P productivity software applications are known as: AI-Based Intelligent Models.

IMprove™ is the ISI's software application for identification of candidate wells for a variety of completion and production improvement applications such as acid jobs, hydraulic fracturing, remedial jobs, artificial lift, etc.

ISI's candidate recognition technology that has been housed in IMprove™ has been proven to be the best technology for candidate recognition in competition with other technologies (including those offered by top international service companies) when it comes to testing in the field and in simulated (known answers) environment. Results of such competitions have been published in the SPE papers as well as in the peer reviewed journals.

ISI's IMprove™ technology has been widely used in the industry and has inspired many imitating workflows in the industry by some of the very well known service companies. Although some of these imitation software applications do a decent job, they do not present the set of functionalities that are offered by this original and continuously improving software application.