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is the software application developed by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. for "Surrogate Reservoir Modeling - SRM". IMpact™ provides a comprehensive workflow for the development of Surrogate Reservoir Models.

"Surrogate Reservoir Modeling - SRM" is part of a new class of reservoir models that are pioneered by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. This novel class of reservoir models are known as: AI-Based Reservoir Models.

"Surrogate Reservoir Modeling - SRM" is an accurate replica of reservoir simulation models that runs in real-time. It allows comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of the solution space and quantification of uncertainties associated with the static (geological) model. With SRM not only the rate and pressure at the well can be replicated with high accuracy, pressure and saturation distribution throughout the reservoir can be generated at the spatio-temporal resolution of the numerical simulation model.

IMpact™ facilitates development of SRM for evaluation of thousands of scenarios in a short period of time. Generating optimum production plateau with the longest possible duration, monitoring oil, gas and water saturation distribution in the reservoir during fluid injection processes, and identification of best wells for rate relaxation and/or conversion to injectors are among the types of projects that can be successfully completed using the SRM technology.

IMpact™ has been successfully tested with ECLIPSE™ (Schlumberger), IMEX™ and GEM™ (Computer Modeling Group) and POWERS™ (Saudi Aramco) reservoir simulators. Although there is no theoretical limit to the size of the reservoir simulation models that can be replicated using this technology, SRM and IMpact™ have been successfully tested with reservoir simulation models of up to 6.5 million grid blocks.