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is the only software application in the market for Data-Driven Reservoir Simulation and Modeling. The software is developed by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. for "Top-Down, Intelligent Reservoir Modeling - TDM". IMagine™ provides a comprehensive workflow for the development of Top-Down Models.

"Top-Down, Intelligent Reservoir Modeling - TDM" is part of a new class of reservoir models that are pioneered by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. This novel class of reservoir models are known as: AI-Based Reservoir Models.

This technology has successfully been applied to several prolific fields (including Shale Assets) operated by NOCs, IOCs and independent producers. IMagine™ uses innovative and proprietary algorithms and technologies based on artificial neural networks, genetic optimization and fuzzy logic in order to accomplish its objective.

Workflows that can be tackled by IMagine™ include Well Rate Estimation, Water-Flood Management, Well Placement, Identification of Sweet Spots in the Field and Field Monitoring and Surveillance Optimization, to name a few.