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About Us:

Intelligent Solutions, Inc. has pioneered the application of Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining (AI&DM) in the upstream Oil and Gas Industry. ISI's strength stems from the fact that it has been founded by oil and gas domain experts with decades of practical experience in the art and science of machine learning and data analytics. Rather than providing tools so that others can use to build workflows and solutions, ISI has concentrated on providing specific solutions to address specific needs in the industry. ISI's software applications and services provides the opportunity to the operating companies to:

  1. Build comprehensive data driven reservoir models (Top-Down, Intelligent Reservoir Modeling), at a fraction of the time and budget of numerical simulation models,
  2. Analyze, model, and optimize completion and hydraulic fracturing of shale plays as well as mapping the natural fracture networks (Shale Analytics), taking full advantage of the massive amounts of data collected when operating shale wells, and
  3. Build smart proxy (Surrogate Reservoir Models) of existing multi-million cell numerical reservoir simulation models that runs in seconds and reproduces highly accurate pressure and saturation changes at the grid block level for fast history matching and field development planning.

With offices in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia, Intelligent Solutions, Inc. is assisting oil and gas companies all over the world to make the most of their data using Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining technologies.